Our Cuisine

Maximum enjoyment with high class

Ease up and relax: take the time and peace for delights from our sophisticated cuisine, thus creating memories that will stay with you.

In Villa Marburg, you will not only find pure relaxation as our hotel guest – you’ll also discover unique specialties and menus that will inspire you in our three restaurants!

Fusion Cuisine

You experience the most extraordinary gastronomy and breathtaking enjoyment here! Get the real feel of magic from meals prepared from our fusion cooking, and experience what you know so well in an entirely different way. For many, these creations are a welcome adventure for the spirit and taste buds that absolutely wants to be repeated again – because our master chef Klaus-Peter Ullrich knows how to mix different eating cultures as well as regional and national cuisine.

Due to numerous trips, he is very familiar with specialties and cooking secrets from Asia, and he also knows how to present his creations in an exceptionally original way. On request, our meals from the fusion cuisine are also available as vegetarian or vegan dishes.

New German Cuisine

Back to the roots – here, the classical domestic cuisine is not re-invented, but perfected contemporarily. Enjoy the haute cuisine with selected wines, and differentiate yourself from the general crowd together with us.

We procure our new German wines from small winemakers still unknown today who work with tremendous passion.

Our menu reveals more …

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