Group Experiences

Experience adventure together

Not only does Villa Marburg offer tremendous potential itself for special moments – the surrounding area also invites to discover and experience. Since we by no means want to deprive you of this, we’ve created one-of-a-kind experiences that will make your stay even more unforgettable. Whether a family vacation or company excursion – the right thing is offered here for every group!

Torch-Lit Hike

Seeing the Spessart in a different light

Head off with a guide and equipped with torch on a discovery tour in the twilight.


€3,50 per person / per torch
€100,00 guide flat rate per 1.5 hours

Mulled Wine Reception

Sweeten cold nights together

Diverse variants for groups starting from five persons.


Price on request


There’s electricity in the air

You have to have experienced this at least once: A cozy evening with campfire.



Covered Wagon Ride

Rustic experience for young and old alike

Enjoy the landscape in a relaxing covered wagon ride for up to 10 persons.


Starting from €270.00

Robber’s Attack

Let yourself be surprised

Experience the astonishing thrill during our staged attack by the Spessart robbers.


Starting from €260.00

Wine Tasting

For curious people and connoisseurs

Various wine tasting sessions for groups of up to 20 persons.


Starting from €410.00 flat rate
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